Baroque 3 for Fine Tuning- Bach


  • Refinement of biological rhythms
  • Arousal, regulation, and attention

Elements of Music

  • Concertos
    • Violin, cello, harpsichord, orchestra
    • Harpsichord marks time and grounds listener
    • Violin elicits precise focus
  • Intricate melodic structures seamlessly integrated together
  • Weaves between fast and slow tempos
    • Strong rhythms invite active mental and physical engagement
    • Slower rhythms (60-72 beats/min.) entrain suck/swallow/breathe synchrony and quiet, alert learning state
  • Rich in high frequencies, which invite attention
  • 6000 Hz and below filtered out with sliding high pass filter

Clinical Applications

  • Refinement of biological rhythms
  • Refinement of arousal and regulation
  • Refinement of attention