Kidz Jamz: Complete CD Collection (Not Modified)

The Kidz Jamz® Music 4 CD Collection – Engaging Music to Enhance Sensory Integrative Play

The Kidz Jamz® music series features a collection of children’s songs and child-friendly pop songs that were produced with therapists’ needs in mind. The CDs can be played over any sound system to accompany activities in you clinic, or as background music to create a playful ambiance.

Some CDs contain instrumentals, some include vocals, and all songs are performed by top musicians and infused with inviting rhythms and improvisations. These CDs contain the same songs as our Therapeutic Listening® modified CDs, but the music has not been modified or electronically altered in any way.

Music is engaging and fun for children of all ages. The songs on Kidz Jamz CDs can be played to invite body movement, promote postural organization, encourage bilateral coordination, grasp attention, and support connection. An inviting rhythm can serve as a timekeeper for movements that support skill development of bilateral integration, crossing midline, and visual-motor integration.

Surf Jamz (16 songs, 52:04 playing time)
Surf-inspired play themes arise that allow for an energetic, imaginative connection between therapist and child. It is a great selection for motivating a child during vestibular and core-based activities. The simple, repetitive rhythms of the instrumentals on Surf Jamz facilitate postural organization, body movement, core activation, and timing and sequencing. You’ll love it as much as your clients do!

OUT OF STOCK, no longer included! Peach Jamz (22 songs, 54:14 playing time)
Peach Jamz features beautiful, heartfelt singing accompanied only by piano, guitars and cello. Its gentle, steady rhythms and soothing vocals are ideal for easing transitions and promoting a calm environment. The 22 children’s favorites on Peach Jamz make it an appealing choice for therapists looking to encourage vocalizations and connectedness.

OUT OF STOCK, no longer included! Grape Jamz (13 songs, 47:03 playing time) 
Grape Jamz is a big hit as a complement to vestibular and core-based activities. It provides simple, strong rhythms coupled with a strong bass line – the right combination for core activation and toe-tapping! With 13 instrumental versions of familiar children’s songs, Grape Jamz invites body movement, supports basic timing and promotes postural organization.

Razzberry Jamz (13 songs, 49:40 playing time)
Razzberry Jamz is bursting with jazzy instrumentals and improvisations, demonstrating novel expression and encouraging complex thought. It is a great selection when maintaining attention and focus is key, such as during homework time or when practicing handwriting skills.

Jungle Jamz (13 songs, 46:40 playing time)
Jungle Jamz (previously Apricot Jamz) features jungle-themed songs rounded up from both children’s and popular music. Strong rhythms throughout these instrumentals help facilitate body movement, postural organization, and core activation. This CD is an excellent match when working on motor planning, bilateral integration/coordination, or timing and sequencing.

Strawberry Jamz (15 songs, 50:26 playing time)  *Old album artwork*
Strawberry Jamz features singing to promote engagement, connection, emotional response, and vocalization. The varying rhythms and vocals invite children to express themselves via voice, gesture, and emotion. Strawberry Jamz is an excellent complement to sessions where development of both body and language is desired.

***Only old album artwork inserts available for Grape Jamz & Strawberry Jamz at this time***