Therapy Ball Trio – Vital Links

Vital Links has created a Therapy Ball Trio to compliment our Building Blocks, Core Connections and Regulation & Trauma courses. Instructors will discuss the uses of the Gertie Ball, Power Up Ball and Pinky Ball throughout the courses. Many of the course demonstrations will include these three therapy balls and will offer a first-hand look as to how these tools can be applied to your clinical practice immediately and in a practical manner.

The Therapy Ball Trio Includes:

The Gertie Ball

Gertie balls are the most touchable, loveable, kickable, catchable, huggable, throwable, and balls in the world! Colors may vary.

Age: 3+
Dimensions: Inflated: 7″D
Manufacturer: Small World Toys
Distributor: Vital Sounds

The Power Up Ball

A super-sized Gertie ball for super-sized fun! Power Up Balls are only available in the color blue at this time.

Age: 3+
Dimensions: Inflated: 20″D
Distributor: Vital Sounds

The Pinky Ball

A high bouncing ball, the Pinky ball is a favorite for many different games and activities. This classic ball is 2.5″ in diameter and made of solid rubber.

Age: 5+
Dimensions: 2.5″D
Distributor: Vital Sounds